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We also need to cut down on drugs and toxins used to clean and purify the meat.We recoil at the abuse of hens in all systems, including cage-free and colony cage conditions.Their tails are cut off and they get ammonia burns on their feet and chest.Each customer will get a non-plagiarized paper with timely delivery.In countries such as India where poverty is extreme and defined differently the switch away from factory farming would prove disastorous.Factory Farming in America, The Conclusion: Five Things You Can Do to Make a Difference for Factory Farmed Animals.

After decades of consumer outcry, the veal industry recently took the important step of announcing that it will work toward eliminating the crate confinement of calves.Because of the large number of factory farming animals and the lack of ventilation can be critical.Also many of cons arguments where sourced, therefore pro was more convincing. counter vote bomb politics grammar point. has no explanation and both had good grammar. tell why his grammar was better then I take away the point to pro.So far, the only national grocery store chain to have banned the sale of eggs from caged hens is Whole Foods.

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Quite the contrary—the reality of the life and death of factory-farmed chickens,.Factory farming is a modern agricultural practice that mass produce animals to meet the.December 4, 2012 Factory Farming With the rising population growth in the United States, food production has greatly changed.I congradulate my opponent on his first debate and thank him for the challenge. Thank you.Factory farming is a form of farming that aims to increase the efficiency of this activity, in particular by increasing the density of animals on the farm or in freeing more or less heavily the environment (containment).

The Cons of Factory Farming. 1. It is easy for them to harm the environment.

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So, as not to be rude or unfair, I will also just repost my previous arguments that refute his.The Benefits of Factory Farming More Productive Factory farming is vastly more efficient than cageless farming or traditional farming methods.It is a method of food and fiber production which exploits animals.Factory Farming Essays: Over 180,000 Factory Farming Essays, Factory Farming Term Papers, Factory Farming Research Paper, Book Reports. 184 990 ESSAYS, term and.

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While this is positive news for pigs and calves, there is currently no clear end in sight for battery cages, with roughly 95 percent of all eggs in the U.S. still coming from caged hens.This would be like asking the Democratic National Committee for information about the Republican party.

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So for every caged calf or pig, there are roughly 50 caged hens.The Cruelest of All Factory Farm Products: Eggs From Caged Hens.

Disturbing as it may seem some feeders give chickens feed which can contain their own meat.This entry was posted in Research papers on June 9, 2013 by writer.These are things I can ask since you have provided no specific sourcing for this fact and I do not feel like reading through all of your some nine odd bias sources to find this one line, please in text citate. -- Cheap food: You cite a difference of a mere 40 pence, or around a dollar for my American readers, but once again provide no source for this information.

Persuasive Speech Outline Topic: Factory Farming Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience that factory farms are dangerous and abusive and therefore need to be banned.Free research proposal paper sample on Factory Farming topics.

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Confinement to the point at which suffocation is commonplace is the norm.

They never perch, forage, take a dust bath, nest, or explore their surroundings.But three systems are particularly cruel -- gestation crates for pregnant pigs, veal crates for calves, and battery cages for laying hens. As of Jan. 1, all three are illegal across Europe, and it is past time for the United States and Canada to follow suit.States has depended not on humane farming by the use of antibiotics.Family Farms Comparison. Family Farm Industrial operation.These types of cages will also be illegal in California in 2015 and in Michigan in 2019, and legislation to ban them will be introduced in Massachusetts soon (if you live in Massachusetts, check FarmSanctuary.org for updates).Manure becomes something factory farms must dispose of instead of a fertilizer.

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As you seem to refuse reading through my debate (very immature) i will keep it short AND SIMPLE.Also around the world and in Korea, modern and intensive farming methods mean that most animals live their whole.Summary: This piece of work I had written for a ninth grade english assignment.This job creation plus the money put back into the pocket of average Americans is good for economics and far outweighs the benefits of traditional farming strategies.Cattle are driven into knock box or restrainer. Step 2. Animal receives a blow to the head from a captive bolt device.