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His method became more freely associated with ideas and feelings, giving way to a vulnerable side that no one had ever seen of Eliot.He mostly uses a complex prose or verse style, with simple yet penetrating phrases that give a whole new meaning to the context.The poem starts out calmly, leaving the reader to assume that the lady accompanying the narrator is his lover.His love for his newly found home, England, could be found in the deep, religious themes of his poems written toward the end of his life.

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The man, who must separate from his older beau, seems trapped because the woman wishes to still correspond.

He believed that love itself was a complicated affair, which he described intensely and effectively in his poetry.

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Eliot at the time wanted to major in philosophy, but always had a keen interest in poetry as well.England, where he was for a time a schoolmaster and a bank clerk.

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Although his family was very well off, Eliot saw distinct differences between various communities.

With these combinations combined, Eliot presents a realistic view of how love acts in reality: Instead of being simple and effortless, the true nature of relationships tare stressful and even cause emotional pain.

Another criticism has been of his widespread interweaving of quotes from other authors into his work.WWI Body Paragraph Rubric. writing style strong TS strong CS correct paragraph structure good flow between paragraph parts good transitions.After the sunsets and the dooryards and the sprinkled streets.UKEssays Essays English Literature The Life Of The Poet Ts Elliot English Literature Essay.The Life and Unique Writing Style of T. S. writing style, t s eliot.

When further analyzed, one can also tell that the conflict at hand represents complications, a point that Eliot made about relationships.Many of his poems refute traditional ideas of blissful love by turning the situation around to present actual situations that happened commonly in the era of his time. Thus, T. S. Eliot exemplifies the disillusionments of love with his poems.

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It should also be noted that Eliot only rhymes the last two lines, which not only gives the poem cadence but is also a common characteristic throughout the entire work.

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The lover is a balding man, who although is assured that he and his friend have known each other long enough, cannot bring himself to propose to his friend, for fear of rejection.

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It is no surprised that T. S. Eliot was immersed in English literature from the very start of his life.Drawing from the perspective of the man, Eliot incorporates dialogue into the poem to make the wistfulness all the more realistic.For example, he thoughtfully contemplates why he is so attracted to women.

Despite this, in June 26, 1915, T. S. Eliot made his stay in Europe permanent by marrying Vivienne Haigh-Wood.T. S. Eliot was one of the greatest poets, play writers, and literary critics of all time.However, after a year in Oxford, Eliot left the school because he was disgusted with the campus.

Yet, when comparing all of his poems together, Eliot seems to have left a definite trademark of his writing in his works.Eliot thus immediately portrays his opinions in the beginning of the poem.Creative Writing Websites For. best custom writing websites do my essay cheap ts eliot essays nursing service administration thesis essay correction service.Eliot probably worked on the text that became The Waste Land for several years preceding its first publication in 1922.In the end, he grows old and lonely, having never confessed his love.Each requires a slightly different focus and writing style which should be identified prior.MLA Essay College Essays Essay Help Essay Writing Service Write my Essay Paper Writing Service.

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When T. S. Eliot graduated from secondary school at Smith Academy, he chose to study at Harvard in 1906.