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In the story Bless Me Ultima by. contains interesting essays on the best and popular writing topics.Our free online Harvard Referencing Tool makes referencing easy.However, I think that it has been constructed in very obvious ways and little subtlety was used to attempt to mask the theme for later.The Golden Carp is a better religion for Tony because it fits his personal needs for knowledge.

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Rudolfo Anaya Ultima Rosie Maria Andrew World War II New Mexico Guadalupe Leon Gabriel.His father has a restless spirit and wishes to roam the land, not settle, as his wife insists.One may argue that one can compromise and combine religions and find peace.

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Antonio has peace when he believes in the golden carp, which shows that when one religion is chosen, a person can be at peace.Antonio has to make the decision on which religion to follow.

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Bless Me, Ultima (l972),. much like dialogic monologues where he mediates a variety of topics.The main characters are six year old Antonio, his parents, Maria and Gabriel, brothers Andrew, Leon, and Eugene, and Ultima, an old woman known for being a curandera (a woman who knew the herbs and remedies of the ancients, a miracle-worker who could heal the sick, often suspected of practicing witchcraft herself - Anaya 4).If he is willing to tell Florence about this, Antonio really believed in the carp being a god.

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A follower is supposed to be able to look to their god as a caring, forgiving power.

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However, Ultima has only told the little boy that he must find his own path, even if he has to create it himself.Creating a new religion could rid Antonio of his sins, without being punished.You will be writing about one of these topics next week in class.

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Ultima is an elderly curandera, a folk healer, who comes to drop dead with Antonio when he is six years old.

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For example, to come up with the thesis for the above topic, I thought about the three choices, what the choices were,.