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He had three names: Malcolm Little, Malcolm X, and El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz.On a Sunday afternoon, Feb. 21, 1965, as he began to address one such meeting, Malcolm X was assassinated.Each name has its own history and illuminates a different facet of the man who remains one of the most compelling Americans of the 20th century.A serious look at his words, written and spoken, a webliography, extensive chronology, bibliography and.Malcolm X just wanted peace just like any other color person. he wanted everyone to live under the same rules.While in prison, Malcolm joined the Black Muslims and, after his release (1953), became their leading spokesman.The fifth child in a family of eight children, Malcolm was born May 19, 1925, in Omaha, Nebraska.

He believed that he would be indefinitely silenced and that a Nation of Islam member would be convinced to assassinate him.Despite a running time of 201 minutes, the film turned a modest profit while garnering its share of awards at various national and international film events. —Dan Georgakas.

Based on these trips, he wrote that he no longer believed that all white people were evil and that he had found the true meaning of the Islamic religion.In the autobiography, Malcolm X elaborated, saying that there were many rumors in Lansing that his father had been killed by the Klan or its ilk because of his preachings, and that he had been laid on the streetcar tracks to make his death appear accidental.Malcolm was convicted of armed burglary at age 21 and was sentenced eight to ten years at the Charlestown Prison outside of Boston.It was while Malcolm X was in prison that he was introduced to the ideas of Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam.At this point he began a criminal life that included gambling, selling drugs, burglary, and hustling.Also, the teachings stressed that the best course for black people is to separate themselves from Western, white civilization — culturally, politically, physically, and psychologically.

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African American civil rights leader Malcolm X was a major twentieth-century spokesman for black nationalism.An elaborate dance hall sequence has Malcolm hurrying home a respectable black woman in order to return for a tryst with Sophia, a white woman who will become his consort.

Still full of resolve, Malcolm X returned to the States with a new message.Read this Biographies Research Paper and over 87,000 other research documents.During the next months Malcolm X made several trips to Africa and Europe and one to Mecca, a city in Saudia Arabia that is the holiest city of the Islamic religion.Quotations by Malcolm X, American Activist, Born May 19, 1925.

With this came the deterioration of her pride and eventual mental breakdown and she was then admitted to a mental institution.There he learned the trades that would eventually take him to jail — dealing in bootleg liquor and illegal drugs.On March 8, 1964, Malcolm X publicly announced that he was leaving the Nation of Islam.In 1941, shortly after finishing eighth grade, Malcolm moved to Roxbury, a predominantly African American neighborhood in Boston.He was then introduced to another side of the place of where he was living, the dangerous street life.Malcolm X urged black people to give up the Christian religion.Malcolm became known as Detroit Red, for his red shock of hair.

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One African American prisoner named, Bimbi, who was widely respected for his knowledge encouraged Malcolm to take advantage of the prison library to expand his own knowledge.After his father was killed, the state welfare representatives began to frequent the house, and it seemed to Malcolm X that they were harassing his mother.A popularizing film led to a revival of his influence in the 1990s.Clark are recorded in The Negro Protest: James Baldwin, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Talk with Kenneth B.An excellent resource for those doing a project on the life of Malcolm X.View and download complete sample Malcolm X essays, instructions, works cited pages, and more.His mother had a nervous breakdown and had to be institutionalized, and her six children became wards of the state.He preached that the high crime rate in black communities was basically a result of African Americans following the lifestyle of Western, white society.

With his oratory skill, Malcolm X quickly became a national minister for the Nation of Islam.When the Word Is Given: A Report on Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X and the Black Muslim World.After embracing Islam in prison and directing his grassroots leadership and speaking skills to recruit members to the Nation of Islam, he ultimately became an influential black nationalist during the civil rights movement of the 1960s.United States with a message of racial tolerance and an impartial.Gambling, pimping, selling and smoking marijuana and other drugs took over his life.

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Despite his obvious talent, his status as an African American in the 1930s prompted his English teacher to discourage Malcolm from pursuing a professional career.No one has raised these questions as sharply and as controversially as Bruce Perry in Malcolm: The Life of a Man Who Changed Black America (1991).He became its national spokesperson, second only to Elijah Muhammad himself, and was appointed ministerin-charge of the prestigious Temple Number Seven in Harlem.His own account of his life, written with the assistance of Alex Haley, is The Autobiography of Malcolm X (1965).Join now to read essay Malcolm X Assignment and other term papers or research documents.Fard in the 1930s, advocated racial separatism and enforced a strict moral code for its followers, all of whom were African American.

He traveled widely, visiting countries in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe, explaining the black struggle for justice in the United States and linking it with other liberation struggles throughout the world.By 1959 the Black Muslim movement had moved into the national spotlight.Because he advocated the use of violence (for self-protection) and appeared to many to be a fanatic, his leadership was rejected by most civil-rights leaders, who emphasized nonviolent resistance to racial injustice.