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The problem with the classification of Victorian literature is great difference between the early works of the period and the later works which had more in common with the writers of the Edwardian period and many writers straddle this divide.Eliot in particular strove for realism in her fiction and tried to banish the picturesque and the burlesque from her work.

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Another important writer of the period was George Eliot, a pseudonym which concealed a woman, Mary Ann Evans, who wished to write novels which would be taken seriously rather than the silly romances which all women of the time were supposed to write.

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The prevailing plot of the Victorian novel is sometimes described as a search for a correct marriage.

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This change in style in Victorian fiction was slow coming but clear by the end of the century, with the books in the 1880s and 1890s having a more realistic and often grimmer cast.Samuel Butler whose Erewhon was a satire on Victorian society.

People such as Arthur Conan Doyle, Rudyard Kipling, H. G. Wells, Bram Stoker, H.Victorian Era Literature Facts:Romanticism,Famous Books,Writing Style,Poetry,Writers,Poets.Other writers popular at the time but largely forgotten now are: Mary Elizabeth Braddon, Charlotte Mary Yonge, Charles Kingsley, R. D. Blackmore, and even Benjamin Disraeli, a future Prime Minister.Serialized popular novels won unprecedented readership and led to increasing artistic sophistication.During the nineteenth century the novel become the leading form of literature in English.To cite this article click here for a list of acceptable citing formats.The history of earlier contributions by wikipedians is accessible to researchers here.

The Victorian home style has hung around far longer than the Victorian era.

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This essay has been submitted by a student.They tended to be of an improving nature with a central moral lesson at heart, informing the reader how to be a good Victorian.

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The more unpleasant underworld of Victorian city life was revealed by Henry Mayhew in his articles and book London Labour and the London Poor.Such a major literary figure as Charles Dickens tended to dictate the direction of all literature of the era, not least because he edited All the Year Round a literary journal of the time.In 1909, writing under the pseudonym James Redding Ware, British writer Andrew Forrester published Passing English of the Victorian era, a dictionary of heterodox.

Another woman writer Elizabeth Gaskell wrote even grimmer, grittier books about the poor in the north of England but even these usually had happy endings.

The large and influential histories of Thomas Carlyle: The French Revolution, A History, On Heroes and Hero Worship and Thomas Babington Macaulay: The History of England from the Accession of James II.The Victorians loved the heroic, chivalrous stories of knights of old and they hoped to regain some of that noble, courtly behavior and impress it upon the people both at home and in the wider empire.

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The greater number of novels that contained overt criticism of religion did not stifle a vigorous list of publications on the subject of religion.The works by pre-Victorian writers such as Jane Austen and Walter Scott had perfected both closely observed social satire and historical fiction.One other important and monumental work begun in this era was the Oxford English Dictionary which would eventually become the most important historical dictionary of the English language.

The drawers are in perfect condition, all knobs are original to the piece, it has been refurbished.Victorian literature is literature written in England during the reign of Queen Victoria, or roughly from 1837 -1901.Victorian Literature Scholarly Articles Search this Guide Search. UK Libraries maintains subscriptions to several key journals in Victorian studies, including.Both Matthew Arnold and Gerard Manley Hopkins wrote poems which sit somewhere in between the exultation of nature of the romantic Poetry and the Georgian Poetry of the early twentieth century.Note: Some restrictions may apply to use of individual images which are separately licensed.

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