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Homework Help. Make. Explain how the story of Candy and his dog is similar to the.Also the change of light shows the change of time which can help.Then of course the main human rights issue that it focused on in the book is Crooks.It was an amazing book, though many of my classmates disliked it.

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In the novel, it shows how George takes care of Lennie who has a mental disability.Lennie and George too wanted to the euphoria of achieving their American Dream.

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Point of view The ending of the novel really indicates the authors point of view because he is describing the emotion of George although the author is not that specific character.

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Everything we will be doing during the Of Mice and Men unit is outlined for you on this page.Characterization In the beginning two men are traveling from North to South because one of the two main characters -Lennie- got into trouble because he is not that smart.Most of the migrant workers wanted to achieve the success of the American Dream that was different for every American.It is this as apposed to limited or something else because the narrator is all knowing and knows the feelings of the character although is not in the novel as a character.

He announced his driver would arrive at any moment, then tossed back the rest of his high end scotch.For more information about the detail visit, Lennie suffers financially, mentally and socially.Of Mice and Men summary. but it reinforces major events and help students.He also will start talking and describing a room or area in which the setting takes place before any characters enter the room.A major human rights issue was the Great Depression which caused a lack of steady jobs, which resulted in an increase in the number of itinerant workers.George tells a story about how Lennie got shot in a struggle as George tried.

IN CLASS: While listening to the description of the opening scene, draw what you believe it looks like.Though unusual for a novel, this approach is typical of plays and film, which helps explain why Of Mice and Men was easily adapted for the Broadway stage and as a Hollywood movie.The only black man on the plantation and the loneliest one of all.

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Check out this article to learn more or contact your system administrator.Of Mice and Men is the quintessential story of the Great Depression and the (broken) American Dream.